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A powerful and easy-to-use project collaboration tool, WorkZone software offers impressive and user friendly features. This software’s goal is to provide simpler alternatives to tools like Microsoft Project and Sharepoint for its users. With a belief that you needn’t be an expert in software tools, WorkZone’s program allows all team members to have input in their projects. It also allows for document sharing and collaboration.


WorkZone is web based software, meaning any team member can log in and use it. Plus, there is no disk software needing installation and maintenance. This allows for more ease of use by even the least tech savvy person. With the ability to make changes online, your project manager can update another member’s work in less time than most normal projects take. Some projects are time sensitive, and WorkZone helps the team stay on top of tasks. Permissions can be set up as well to provide control over what different team members can access.

Features & Benefits

WorkZone provides an excellent interface no matter the size of your company. Because of its streamlined simple design, WorkZone software cuts back on the seldom used tools offered in other similar programs. While Microsoft Project boasts of tools for working with both large and small sized companies, the truth is, they’re often too complicated for many people to use. WorkZone acknowledges that some users might be less technically proficient than others and allows for an across-the-board ease-of-use so no one has to miss out in the project process.

WorkZone offers many features for optimum functionality. Project templates can be saved for future use. You can organize your project by tasks and sub-tasks as well as assigning a due date. Project managers can determine responsibilities and user access and receive alerts for easier monitoring. They also have the ability to keep attention focused on what’s important. The software allows branding while ensuring privacy and security of all client information. WorkZone provides an online user guide, but clients are also encouraged to call or email customer service with any questions or comments.


One plus with WorkZone is that you can try it for free. The website has a link for requesting a demo. If you want to discuss pricing, there is an online form to fill out, but you can call their customer service number and email as well. WorkZone is a well rounded program you can count on for all your projects.


How to create a project and add tasks and dependencies.

Creating a project template.



Tracking Projects screen for assigning and organizing outstanding tasks


Personalized to-do lists


Resource allocation module