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WorkPLAN Enterprise is a project and job-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed to optimize the management of your business resources. You can transform the productivity, efficiency and capability of your business with WorkPLAN Enterprise’s valuable resources. It provides essential functions to help you manage critical business activities such as quality, time, planning and purchasing.


WorkPLAN Enterprise is a web-based software application which is seamlessly implemented and integrated for you by their team of experts. WorkPLAN Enterprise easily and affordably integrates with your existing IT system and works with standard operating systems.


WorkPLAN Enterprise is designed for businesses of any type or size. WorkPLAN Enterprise customers are typically manufacturers of tools, dies, patterns, molds, models and prototypes.

FEATURES & Benefits

  • Performance Management - You are able to gain real business knowledge, allowing real-time control of your business performance.
  • Time Management - You are able to record time spent on tasks with the collection of real-time data.
  • Quality Management - Provides an integrated module that enables ongoing improvement, as well as traceability requirements. This is accomplished by analyzing, measuring and correcting operations.
  • Information Management - Information, data and documents are managed, maintained and stored within the integrated file management program.
  • Purchasing and Stock Management - Without switching to a different software, you are able to order precise purchasing requirements such as standard supplies, raw materials and sub-contracted services.
  • Planning and Simulations - Allows you to schedule and communicate reasonable delivery dates to customers and meet deadlines.
  • Cost Analysis and Quotations - Allows you to quickly and easily create accurate price offers.


WorkPLAN Enterprise requires specific information from you in order to provide an accurate quotation of the software version that will best meet your needs. For contact information to speak with one of their representatives, see their website at You can request a free product trial online.



Gantt planning chart organized by resource.


Screen for sales quote creation.


Workspace summarizing sales orders.