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WorkBook is a project management software title made by WorkBook Software. The program is designed to handle a wide variety of business needs including project planning, estimating, invoicing and resource planning. WorkBook is offered solely as a software-as-a-service style program, although there are several different packages to allow businesses to tailor the service to their needs.


Since WorkBook is a software-as-a-service title, it is not necessary for clients to install any software in order to access the program. This is possible due to the fact that in the software-as-a-service deployment method, the company that develops the program runs it on their private data servers.

Access to the program is subsequently sold to clients on a monthly basis, with the price usually based on how many users will be accessing the program. Software-as-a-service is also known as cloud based computing and is becoming an increasingly popular software distribution method.  It works on both Mac’s and PC’s and it’s modular and role based interface will let you configure WorkBook as you wish.

WorkBooks is also accessible on mobile devices thanks to the WorkBooks iPhone app. Although this app does not offer the full set of features found in the full version of the program, it is still possible for users to complete many routine tasks on their mobile devices. WorkBook software is also adding features on a routine basis, with the ultimate goal to make it as functional as the full program.

Who It Is For

It’s tailor made to work for architects, advertising, digital agencies, public relations, engineering, consultancies, accountancies or any other Professional Services Organization.

Distinctive Features

  • Process Management - WorkBook gives project managers a comprehensive overview of all current projects and displays percentages of overall expenditure and completion. Project managers are given a simple list displaying all tasks that require their immediate attention.
  • Resource Planning - WorkBooks allows project managers to quickly and easily use their on-hand resources. A comprehensive schedule of all outstanding jobs and tasks means that project managers are able to maximize their team members' productivity while being able to see which team members are available for new assignments.
  • Project Management - Create and manage a visual schedule of every individual task throughout the duration of the project's life cycle. Thanks to WorkBook's powerful Gantt Chart module, project managers are able to communicate to their employees and customers specifically when each task will be start and end.
  • Lead CRM Management - Not only will WorkBooks help project managers Keep track of current projects, it also helps them plan for the next wave of customers. WorkBook gives project managers a comprehensive overview of what is in development, including sales proposals, personnel management and planning stages.
  • Budget & Invoicing - WorkBooks allows project managers to develop and send their service to their clients by creating a detailed breakdown of a project. WorkBooks handles price estimation and invoicing in almost the same way, meaning that there is little effort necessary to go from quoting a price to billing the customer.
  • Document Management - Project managers are able to centralize their critical documents in a single location, ensuring that all crucial data is easily accessible for all employees that are assigned to the project. This ensures that team members don't have to waste time searching for the data they need to complete their jobs.

Additional Key Features

  • time sheet including iPhone time entry app
  • expense entry
  • mileage entry
  • pipeline & CRM management
  • to-do list and resource management
  • Gantt chart planning
  • price quote/job costing
  • purchase orders
  • billing/invoicing
  • account receivable/payable
  • general ledger
  • cheque payments
  • bank reconciliation
  • inter company
  • multi-currency
  • subscription management
  • financial budgeting
  • around 200 build-in reports.


Prices start with 30 USD for a basic user and 65 USD for an advanced user pr. user pr. month, but is dependent on what modules you choose to include.


Basic introduction

Doing a price quote



Gantt scheduling


Client job scheduling


Monthly scheduling view