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TrackStudio’s tracking software allows project managers to effectively oversee both users and projects. Clients will find greater focus on their needs due to the company’s efforts to concentrate solely on development and support for customers.

By offering a hierarchical tracking system, TrackStudio ensures its clients won’t have to suffer from additional expenses, conflicts and other problems. The system allows for the division of complex tasks into simpler, smaller parts. The software is designed to allow the tracking of thousands of projects, saving clients money in many areas.


TrackStudio is a downloadable software solution that can be stored on a number of servers, depending on the type of license purchased.


TrackStudio can provide as few as five user accounts, but can easily be upgraded to accommodate unlimited users. Most users agree that the software provides great benefits. Satisfied clients stated the program’s capabilities make learning to use it worthwhile.


  • Work Breakdown Structure - This feature serves to increase efficiency and complex task management through task hierarchy, which breaks tasks down into smaller and more manageable tasks.
  • Organizational Breakdown Structure - Enabling companies to effectively manage large user groups, this feature is often not available in competitors’ project management systems. Groups can be managed whether they are employees or clients.
  • Standards - TrackStudio is able to offer the maintenance of unified project management standards while still being able to focus on individual projects simultaneously. This enables the client to focus on the needs of certain projects through the customization of the tracking process.
  • Maintenance - Managing a large number of projects can be costly while presenting security risks. TrackStudio allows project managers unlimited control over options on an individual project basis.
  • Worldwide Business - Through the support of different browsers and operating systems, TrackStudio provides support through a management system that covers the many issues involved in an international setting, including time management for all time zones as well as language and character encoding.


TrackStudio offers a number of pricing options for potential clients. From a free fully functional 90 day trial for five users to a global system with unlimited users, clients are sure to find the right version for their company’s needs.  Prices range from a limited free version to several thousand dollars for an enterprise level solution.



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