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  • Supported OS: Microsoft Server, MS SQL
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Tenrox is an online project management and resource planning software solution. It is a business tool with features that include scheduling, project planning, time and expense tracking, project billing and cost reporting. The on-demand services of Tenrox make it possible to manage projects and teams, regardless of their location.


Tenrox is easy to access. It is an on-demand web-based software program, allowing you to utilize it by simply logging in online.


Tenrox is designed primarily for smaller companies, particularly those with team members and projects which are located remotely. Tenrox works well with multiple source types; external, remote and centralized.


  • Project Planning - Tenrox project planning software offers a viable alternative to complex project planning tools. Its project plans are interchangeable with Microsoft project files.
  • Resource Management and Scheduling - Tenrox is equipped with built-in integrations designed to optimize workforce planning, project delivery and employee scheduling.
  • Time and Expense Tracking - Tenrox provides for today’s project-based organizations with timesheet management and expense tracking which helps you account for real-time project time and costs. This information can be analyzed and aid in making sound business decisions.
  • Project Cost and Billing - Tenrox’s project cost and billing software provides automated invoicing, chargeback and financial reporting.
  • Work Process Management - Tenrox’s unique graphical workflow platform illustrates your work processes in a visual manner. It allows you to configure, design and change workflows at any stage in the work management process. It manages change requests, issue tracking and approvals.
  • Reporting and Analytics - Tenrox has built-in project management analytics and insightful user information, providing you with the ability to make more informed decisions in real time.


A free trial is offered to potential buyers. You can also view an online demo or register for a live one. For complete pricing details, contact Tenrox directly.



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Visual workflow capabilities


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