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  • Web Version: Yes
  • Supported Browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Other Supported Devices: iPhone app, Android app (any smart phone with web access)
  • Free Trial: Yes (2 projects)



TeamWork Project Manager is a project management application that helps project managers, team members and clients achieve goals through an excellent online management and tracking system.

With TeamWork, team members can stay on track and keep their focus. The program can be accessed from anywhere through its web based interface, allowing team members to share and collaborate on tasks through its communication system.

TeamWork offers benefits in such areas as project, file, and task management. Its tracking feature can keep up with such tasks as project billing time as well as milestones set to ensure deadlines and budgets are met. Clients praise TeamWork’s ease of use for projects large or small, including an excellent support system that includes regular software updates.


TeamWork is a web based application. This offers a flexible solution when team members are in separate locations. With no need to depend on a company server based software system, clients and team members alike can access the project management software anywhere that has an internet connection. This provides better ease of use for all members and ensures projects stay on course and meet their deadlines.


TeamWork is designed for a broad range of users, allowing for small, medium and large sized companies to both use and benefit from its features. Project managers can easily assign tasks while clients can monitor the progress and see that it stays on budget. Everyone benefits from using an online system that provides great productivity.


  • Project and Task Management - The software’s dashboard provides a quick overview of all projects and allows complete control for project managers.
  • Milestone Tracking - Implementing milestones displays a calendar view for meeting upcoming deadlines.
  • File Management - A flexible system allows for multiple file uploads and the option to choose which team members have access to project files.
  • Time Tracking - The time tracking feature allows managers to see how much time team members spend on each project, ensuring no money is wasted on the project.


TeamWork offers several options for pricing that include personal, business, corporate and enterprise accounts that range from $12-$149/month. There is also a free limited plan for potential clients wanting to try the system before making an obligation. There is also a free full-featured 30 day trial.




Customizable project overview module


The Milestones module helps to define and track important project deadlines


Document management capabilities with full version control