SoftExpert PPM Suite

Project Management Software



SoftExpert PPM Suite is a solution for companies that need to effectively manage numerous cross-departmental projects within one organization. Project portfolio management (PPM) allows project managers and key stake holders to view all of the projects within the company and the progress of each project. This type of software helps companies allocate resources and avoid duplication of projects. Departments may combine resources, if they both need a similar solution for two separate projects.

SoftExpert PPM Suite increases project visibility to allow project managers to receive manager buy-in early in the project development phase. This avoids miscommunication and reworks later in the process. Companies may deliver projects in record time and within the company’s budget with SoftExpert PPM Suite. Built-in software routes documents to the appropriate recipients. Customer service, start-up times and collaboration improves, while the required paperwork decreases.


SoftExpert PPM Suite offers companies two solutions: Application hosting and OnDemand Services. With application hosting, SoftExpert will maintain the application on an off-site server. All maintenance will be covered by SoftExpert IT professionals. This process will allow the company to focus its resources to product development rather than application maintenance. Start-up costs, server costs and infrastructure costs are reduced with this solution.

OnDemand services allow companies to pay for web-based applications per user. This allows companies to scale their business as they grow rather than predict growth of the organization. In this instance, no software or hardware is required other than the machine the user selects to use.

Who SoftExpert PPM Suite is Designed For?

Companies with multiple departments and multiple projects will benefit from SoftExpert. SoftExpert PPM Suite has served these customers: Coca Cola, Carrier, BPM, Marcegaglia and Compagas. Numerous other companies also benefit from tools provided by SoftExpert PPM Suite.


SoftExpert PPM Suite helps companies effectively manage portfolios by prioritizing and evaluating projects. This helps companies combine resources as needed and reduce the need for duplicated resources. Project management processes may be prepared and compared across organizations. This facilitates communication and collaboration across departments. At a glance, key stake holders and managers may view resource allocation and demand, skills inventory, total workload, project risks, assignments and other projects.


The monthly rates for an OnDemand solution begin at $50 per user. This price allows companies to expand as needed and preserve cash flow. Other solutions require contacting a sales representative for a free consultation and a quote.



Customizable project dashboard


Complete GANTT chart scheduling


Detailed resource allocation and assignments