Smooth Projects

Project Management Software
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Smooth Projects is a project management software title from Remedysoft, Inc. It bundles a wide assortment of project management tools into one easy-to-use package, eliminating the need to have dozens of separate programs for different tasks. Smooth Projects was designed as a software-as-a-solution title, with a variety of pricing options to suit different size projects.


Since Smooth Projects uses a software-as-a-solution deployment method, there is absolutely no software to download or install. Customers simply pay a monthly fee to access the Smooth Projects program, which is hosted remotely on Remedysoft's corporate data center. Because of Smooth Projects software-as-a-solution, the only thing that team members need to access it are a computer with an internet connection and a web browser. Smooth Projects does not currently support mobile devices such as smart phones or PDAs.

Who it is for

Smooth Project is designed for project mangers who are in charge of large groups of team members. Smooth Project allows managers to centralize many important project tasks and information, thanks to features like project forums and a centralized file server. This ensures that project managers are able to quickly and easily organize their teams. Smooth project is also very cost efficient, due to the fact that it charges a low flat monthly fee, and supports unlimited user log-ins. This also means that Smooth Project can grow with the needs of a project without needing to purchase additional user licences.

Distinctive Features

  • Gantt Chart Support - Smooth Projects allows project managers to quickly and easily configure Gantt charts with a few simple mouse clicks. Based on information that the manager enters, the system will automatically finish drawing an attractive, professional Gantt chart. With these, users will be able to quickly and clearly see all project milestones and goals at a glance. Smooth Project's Gantt charts are also easily exportable to Microsoft Project format, ensuring that it is easy to share project info with team members and clients regardless of what software they are using.
  • Centralize Project Communication - With Smooth Project's forum software, administrators can setup a central area for team members to communicate with each other through threaded forum posts. This easy to navigate message board will allow team members to ask questions or report issues, and project managers will find it a useful place to post answers to frequently asked questions. Instead of having to respond to dozens of emails regarding the same issue, project managers can simply refer them to the project forum.
  • Easily Share Project Information - Smooth Project features a powerful file sharing service which allows project managers to put important project files in an area that everyone has access to. This can save project managers the hassle of having to send out files through e-mail attachments, and will also ensure team members have the most up-to-date resources available.
  • Multiple User Log-ins - Smooth Projects comes in a variety of pricing options to suit a variety of project sizes, starting as low as $39 per month and ranging as high as $69 for their top-tier service. Since there is no limit to the number of users the system can hold, this makes it an extremely cost effective option. This also ensures that Smooth Projects will scale easy to accommodate projects that fluctuate in size.



The project view


The calendar view


The project reports view

Smooth Projects Prices & Plans

  • Mild

    • Price: $39/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: Unlimited
    • Filesize Limit: 300 MB
  • Medium

    • Price: $49/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: Unlimited
    • Filesize Limit: 600 MB
  • Hot

    • Price: $69/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: Unlimited
    • Filesize Limit: 2 GB
*Prices updated on June 5, 2011.