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  • Web Version: Yes
  • Supported Browsers: IE 7+, Firefox, Safari
  • Download Version: Yes
  • Supported OS: Windows 2008, SQL Server 2008
  • Free Trial: No



Project Insight is a project management software solution designed for project managers that require advanced features and functionality. Through the software, project managers may manage and allocate resources, as well as, prioritize project tasks. The workflow may be managed and issues are tracked easily through Project Insight.

Project managers appreciate the software’s integration capabilities with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office. Consumers may also import and export Microsoft Project files with ease. Collaboration with other team members is easy when several options are available. The product is robust and secured by encryption technology.


The product is web-based and is accessible from any computer with a compatible web browser and Internet connection. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher, FireFox 3 or higher or Safari 5 or higher is recommended for optimal performance. If the company hosts the software on their servers, the following is required for operation: Windows 2003 Server platform, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, a 2 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, 60 GB of free hard drive space and a dedicated server. A dedicated virtual server may also be used.

Who Project Insight is Designed For?

Project Insight is designed for mid-tier companies with project managers that need advanced solutions. These applications offer tools to meet the needs of more experienced project managers. Companies such as: Funrise,, Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc. (SBTI) and Tailor Business Solutions have benefited from this particular software.


The project planning tools allow team members to prioritize their projects in shorter periods of time. Each project is updated in real time and allows team members to know the progress of the project at all times. Scheduling tools are available for team members to view the schedule from their desktops or laptops. Team members have control over their projects and are allowed to update tasks as needed.

Budgets are easily created and resources allocated with Project Insight. Forecasting tools and templates increase the efficiency of assigned projects. Expenses may be viewed at a single glance. These tools save companies time by simplifying the process for creating budgets and managing expenses.


Project Insight offers organizations three solutions: Workgroup Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition. Based upon the needs of the organization, a product will be recommended for use. A quote will be provided based upon the information given in the online inquiry form.


How to create a project or template in Project Insight.

Project display options that are available.



Interactive GANTT charts are available with intelligent scheduling


Detailed resource allocation


Available time and expense allocation modules