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Oracle Corp.’s Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software is designed to help enterprises plan, prioritize, manage and execute enterprise projects and portfolios more cost-efficiently. The software can help companies better evaluate project risks and benefits, more optimally allocate their technical resources to a project, and address issues that lead to cost overruns and delays. Companies typically use such product portfolio management products to ensure that their projects meet pre-defined quality thresholds and are delivered on time and on budget.

Platform Options

Oracle sells Primavera as a standalone software package that enterprises can purchase and install on their in-house servers. The company typically licenses the software on a per-user basis in such instances. Oracle also offers Primavera as a hosted Web application that enterprises can subscribe to and access over the Internet.

Who Its For

Primavera PPM software is targeted largely at project-intensive environment environments. The companies that are likely to benefit most from the technology are those that are required to manage multiple large projects, with multiple suppliers, subcontractors and project teams. Oracle acquired Primavera in 2008 and since then has been customizing the software for specific industries. Currently Oracle offers industry-specific versions of Primavera for the oil and gas industry, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, the construction and engineering sectors, chemical industries, financial services and the government. The software is designed primarily for use in large enterprises. However, Primavera’s highly modular design allows the software to be scaled down for use in small and medium business environments as well.


Primavera PPM software integrates several features that are designed to help manager’s better manage projects through the entire life-cycle. The software for instance, supports interactive Gantt charts and project activity views to help project managers and schedulers to model projects and to graphically represent project schedules. Product features include customizable project work spaces where project members can collaborate with each other and access assignment information. Primavera also features a critical path scheduling, capacity planning and baseline analysis capability that allows managers to ensure that proper resources are being deployed to a project and that scheduled milestones are being met.

Primavera PPM enables IT managers to keep track of and record how individual team members are performing on a project via a time sheet function. Importantly, Primavera features an Application Programming Interface that allows the software to be quickly integrated with other enterprise applications and complex data sets. The API also allows Primavera environments to be quickly integrated with existing enterprise content management systems including Oracle Universal Content Management suite and Microsoft’s SharePoint environments.


The list price for Primavera starts at $2500 per application user per year for both the packaged version of the software and for the hosted version.



The Executive Dashboard provides top-level control of entire projects


The Activities Module allows detailed task management and scheduling administration