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OnePoint Project is a project management and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool designed to help corporations plan projects, manage projects and allocate resources, effectively. OnePoint uses Gantt charts, milestones, project pipelines and customized reporting tools to communicate a project’s status to key stakeholders and managers.

Not only does OnePoint Project help with project planning, but companies may view all of the ongoing projects within a company at a single glance. This helps companies effectively manage resources and avoid duplication. Businesses usually yield a return on investment (ROI) within a year of employing the software in the organization.


OnePoint Project is software designed to operate on multiple platforms including: Windows, Linux and Mac. A web-based application is also available for companies that need a cost-effective, scalable solution that may be accessed from any location with a compatible web browser and Internet connection.

The web-based software is hosted on the company’s server. A log in and user ID is required for access to the software. The software is easily deployable. Companies do not have to predict the number of users based upon future company growth. They simply pay for the individual user licenses as they are needed.

Who is OnePoint Project Designed For

OnePoint Project serves customers all over the world. Many of the customers are based in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and United States. The customers usually have multiple departments with a variety of projects. The businesses range from small to large corporations. Examples of customers include: Freitag, Campaignery, DOMS, Jetter, Intact, Know, Team, Oekostrom and Worthington Cylinders.


OnePoint Project offers several tools that help managers effectively plan projects within the organization. At the beginning stages of the project, the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) helps managers identify the tasks necessary to complete the project before devising a schedule. A single chart will display information from all ongoing projects within the company. This helps companies avoid duplication of projects and manage resources effectively. Project templates help organizations avoid duplication of similar projects. Gantt charts and Plan/Actual Comparisons help organizations identify how their projects have deviated from the original plan.


OnePoint Project offers consumers a free 30 day trial. A single desktop user license costs € 249.00 for each server platform. A web-based server package for a project manager and four other users costs € 1,499.00. If your company needs a solution for more than five users, contact a sales person for a custom solution and a quote.



Effectively allocate resources across all projects


The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) provides focus in the early stages of a project


Fully integrated scheduling and GANTT chart capabilities

OnePoint Project Prices & Plans

  • Professional Single User

    • Price: € 149
    • Users: 1
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Master Single User

    • Price: € 249
    • Users: 1
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Group Server

    • Price: € 1,499
    • Users: Up to 5
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Enterprise Server

    • Price: varies
    • Users: 5+
    • Projects: Unlimited
*Prices updated on June 9, 2011.