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  • Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
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OmniPlan is a web-based project management software tool designed to create manageable and logical project planning documents. It allows you to optimize resources needed for projects, break down tasks, control costs and monitor projects at-a-glance. OmniPlan provides valuable features like Gantt charts, summaries, schedules, milestones and critical path highlighting. It helps you manage complex projects without having to learn complex software.


OmniPlan is available as software you install on your own server or as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. OmniPlan is compatible with Mac OS X operating systems.


OmniPlan is designed for businesses of any size and type.


  • Data-sharing Options - OmniPlan can import MPP, XML and MPX project files from MS Project. OmniPlan can export information to a wide variety of image formats. You are able to create HTML reports and customize printing using filtered criteria.
  • Task Management - OmniPlan allows you to enter tasks into the outline view in a hierarchical format. You can track cost-related information for your tasks (e.g., task cost, resource cost and total). You can monitor dependencies and task constraints, as well as create milestones for completion points on your projects.
  • Smart Scheduling - OmniPlan’s calendar allows you to schedule tasks according to a variety of criteria and sort options. The calendar mode provides you with options for determining schedules for your resources and making edits as needed.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation - With OmniPlan you can identify kinks in your projects, distribute workload and track budgets. Resources can be defined as groups, staff, equipment and material. OmniPlan allows you to assign costs to your resources according to use or time, allowing you to precisely monitor your project budget.
  • Visual Timelines - OmniPlan’s timeline view displays task activities and durations in a diagram. The Gantt view displays start and stop times for tasks, resources and dependencies. You can create dependencies and edit tasks by dragging and dropping. This feature allows you to assess project status and manage deadlines.
  • Live Filtering - The commanding task filter allows you to select criteria to receive a live view of matching items. You can view all task groups assigned to a particular resource.


OmniPlan offers a free two-week trial, web forums, tutorials and sample documents. Five software versions are available to meet your specific needs: OmniGraphSketcher, OmniGraffle 5, OmniFocus, OmniPlan and OmniOutliner 3.  Prices start at $149 for OmniPlan.



Timelines and GANTT charts are available for each task


'Smart Scheduling' interface


Effectively allocate resources across staff, materials and equipment