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Mingle-Agile is a project management software tool designed to keep teams on top of evolving business demands and changes in collaboration with other users. It provides real-time visibility into your software initiatives, always keeping you up-to-date and in the game. It is a user-friendly interface which conveniently holds all project activity in one central place. Some of Mingle’s many benefits include:

  • Collaboration
  • Visibility
  • Flexibility


Mingle-Agile is a web-based system designed so that installations and upgrades can be performed by your own administrators.


Mingle-Agile is designed for small businesses to large enterprises.


  • Project Collaboration - Provides real-time collaboration in one shared workspace. It offers a customizable web-space with the ability to gather and organize requirements, report bugs/defects, share documents and track project status.
  • Project Management - Provides all-in-one complete support of team activities, keeping real-time track of project status.
  • Program Management - Offers at-a-glance cross-project visibility, providing you with critical visibility to properly allocate resources and effectively manage constraints.
  • Test Management - Provides accurate tracking of bugs/defects, enabling consistent visibility, tracking and testing.
  • Release and Iteration Planning - Provides you with the ability to quickly adapt to changing business demands and priorities. It is equipped with best practices, enabling you to track and manage critical product information.
  • Tracking and Reporting - Provides you with relevant real-time metrics. It holds valuable data and allows you to accurately track projects and identify risks with quick and easy reporting.


Mingle-Agile offers online webinars, learning sessions and free downloads. This includes a free one-year trial for up to five users. The pricing of their products is based on a per-user cost.  Pricing is not available on the web site but quotes are available upon request.


A demo on creating and using the Mingle card wall.

How card types can be used for different initiatives and how they relate to Mingle's card trees.



Sample hierarchical card tree for managing requirements.


Create and customize multiple dashboards.


Integrated workspace for team collaboration.