Project Management Software
  • Web Version: Yes
  • Download Version: Yes
  • Supported OS: Linux variations



LibrePlan is a naval production management and web planning tool designed to satisfy the specific project planning needs of companies and organizations in the naval sector. It offers valuable tools such as tasks tagging, criteria assignments, company load control, resource allocation, resources management and external integration.


LibrePlan is an on-demand web-based software which you can access by logging in online.


LibrePlan is designed for naval industry businesses of any size.

FEATURES & Benefits

Plan - Allows you to globally schedule company projects

  • A global vision of the company’s existing projects
  • Strategic decision making according to company capacity
  • Resource assignment using multiple functions
  • Selection of scheduling points
  • Task assignment according to resource capacity
  • Assignment strategies
  • Assignment recommendations

Monitor Your Company - Allows you to track progress, dedicated hours and materials allocated for tasks

  • Track project progress
  • Work reports which track tasks according to spent hours
  • Summary view of delays and deviations

Control Projects - Allows you to control costs, capacity, delays and deviations of your company in order to support strategic decision making

  • Costs
  • Result reports
  • Progress graphs
  • Entity statistics
  • Earned value techniques
  • Assignment resources
  • Management of needs and materials
  • Strategic decision-making support according to company capacity
  • Information extraction labels for scheduling entities

Organize Your Tasks - Allows you to organize the capacity of your company resources in relation to project tasks

  • Advanced resource assignment according to interpolation functions
  • Global load control of productive resources
  • Necessity scheduling

Connect - Allows for easy integration of LibrePlan with your ERP and other companies

  • Corporate ERP integration for data integrity
  • Customer and subcontractor integration for project communications


LibrePlan offers an online demo and is free.




Overview of project schedule.


Project planning work area.


Screenshot of the work report editor.