Project Management Software
  • Web Version: Yes



Launchpad is a collaboration and project management software solution designed to be a unique collaboration and hosting platform for developing software projects. Some of the goals Launchpad was created for are:

  • Encourage project contribution
  • Develop, endorse and publish software
  • Build communities through teams and mailing lists
  • Improve collaboration with other developers and projects
  • Share cross-project code, bug reports, ideas and translations

Utilizing Launchpad removes the need for external mail hosting and provides users with a single account to manage their involvement in multiple mailing lists. Launchpad mailing lists are user-friendly and team-oriented. They simplify things by allowing teams to manage one central mailing list. All team members are able to subscribe to the team mailing list.


Once you register as a user, Launchpad software can be accessed by logging in online through their website. Launchpad provides convenient 24/7 access.


Launchpad is designed primarily for small businesses of any type.


  • Bugs by email
  • Bug tracking
  • Share bug reports across projects
  • Code hosting and review
  • Direct links to code
  • Mailing lists
  • Blueprint specification tracking
  • Transform patches into fixes
  • Team PPAs
  • Multiple architectures
  • People profiles
  • Team branches
  • Team responsibility
  • Python library
  • Karma
  • Multi-language
  • Ubuntu package hosting
  • Automatic software updates and distribution
  • Information on publishing your software
  • Commercial project subscriptions
  • Quick and easy account authentication
  • Open to everyone
  • Community support
  • Web services API


Launchpad is free to use for open source software projects and is available at a low annual subscription price for all other projects. It can be accessed from anywhere at any time.



Bug tracking and reports form.


Customize and translate software into multiple languages.


Host and review code using Bazaar.