Project Management Software



KPlato is a project management software solution designed to manage large projects using multiple resources. It addresses various time constraints and task dependencies. KPlato can be used to:

  • Define tasks
  • Estimate time and plan tasks
  • Allocate resources
  • Schedule tasks

Scheduling tasks largely depends on resource and network availability. In the event of unexpected changes, the project can easily be rescheduled. This allows for the retention of original schedules for comparison. You are also able to reschedule directly from the current status of the project. Resource availability changes can be made, and tasks can be added to or removed from the project.

Progress of tasks can be entered in various detail, depending on your need for progress monitoring. You can utilize the task progress tool to estimate remaining effort on tasks.


KPlato software can be downloaded from the website onto your computer. It is installable through Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Two versions are currently available:

  • 1.6.3 – Full-featured version aimed at end-users
  • 2.2.2 – Version aimed at testers, developers and early adopters


KPlato is designed for businesses of any size, from small to large.


  • Loading support for various download files
  • Writing support for various download files
  • Customizable interface with dockers and toolbars
  • Layer docker for handling complex documents
  • Preview of thumbnails
  • Support for grouping shapes using drag and drop feature
  • Control visibility of shapes or locking
  • Path editing tool with on-canvas editing capabilities
  • Drawing tools for creating path shapes
  • Gradient and pattern tools for on-canvas pattern style editing
  • Snapping facilities for guided drawing and editing
  • Predefined shapes such as stars, circles and rectangles
  • Complex path operations and effects
  • Writing plug-ins for new dockers, tools and shapes


KPlato is free to its users, as it was created by individuals in their own free time.



Example of the Gantt chart view.


Edit the schedule with customizable views.


Track project completion and progress in the task view.