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Project management software is important for both you and your team, and choosing the right program is essential. InLoox is one project management software program that can ensure you stay on both projects and team members. Offering a professional and secure platform that will enable you to achieve your targets both easily and efficiently, InLoox is an impressive solution to project management needs.

Inloox offers benefits that ensure team members will know everything they need to do. You can keep control of your project, enabling you to finish everything on time and within your budget. Its user interface makes it a prime alternative to Microsoft Project, and allows for minimal effort with organizational and administrative tools. Another key feature is its web application, which makes mobile project management possible on the Internet.

InLoox can be downloaded from the website or found at local resellers for those who want hard copies of the software. The website also has links that provide the client with information such as documentation and product presentations as well as installation guides and configuration information. Clients can also upgrade to the software’s latest version via the download link.

One great feature of InLoox is its flexibility. It can be used by virtually anyone, no matter the size of the company. You can utilize the software’s features to assign tasks for your project managers, directors and team members. Teams of all sizes can access the program’s features, through increased transparency in the project’s environment and an optimum use of resources. InLoox is designed to improve team communication so that you can meet project deadlines and finish within your budget, no matter if it is small or large.

Some features of InLoox include a project center that can can be run through the program’s dashboard. Team members can access planning features as well as budget controls. Permissions can be set up by the project manager, and communication channels can be set up too. The program offers complete controls for all aspects of project implementation.


InLoox comes in a 30 day fully functional trial version, with the opportunity to purchase the full version. The website provides links for additional free tools to use with the program. Costs start at 390 euros.



View of the main dashboard


Gantt visual overview of project tasks


Visualize and organize ideas with a mind map