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  • Web Version: Yes
  • Supported Browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome
  • Download Version: Yes
  • Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows Server (requires IIS and .NET framework)
  • Free Trial: Yes (14 days)



Informup is an application lifecycle management (ALM) solution designed to efficiently manage and track projects and products. It is designed to improve quality, increase productivity, advance development and provide an excellent return on investment. Informup manages tasks, tickets, issues, bugs/defects, requirements and test cases.
Informup is offered as both a self-installed version (Standalone) and a web-based on-demand version (Hosted).


Informup is primarily intended for small to medium size businesses.


Application Lifecycle Management:

  • Manage all of your work in one central workspace
  • Manage test cases and requirements
  • Track defects/bugs, tickets and tasks


  • InformUp’s dashboard is a tool used to create your own personalized charts, graphs and reports.


  • Create custom fields
  • Define column order and default filters for tabs
  • Customize the dashboard by adding or deleting charts

Search, Filter and Organize:

  • Utilize advanced search features to locate indexed datUtilize queries: A public query can be viewed and utilized by anyone, and a private query can be viewed and utilized only by the originator


  • Design a particular workflow according to item type
  • Customize fields and add them to workflows


  • A completely web-based and easy to install application
  • A simple, low-maintenance and easy to configure application
  • Full support and administration is available for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox


  • Multi-language support is available for any language


Informup offers two plans; Standalone and Hosted. The Standalone version runs on your own server, and the Hosted version is available on-demand (SaaS). There are different packages offered for both plans. The plan you choose depends on your individual requirements. Informup also offers an unlimited 30-day free hosted trial account for up to two users.



Custom filtering and tracking of bugs and support tickets.


View custom charts, graphs and data tables to track project trends.


Example screen for creating custom fields and project reports

Informup Prices & Plans

  • Hosted

    • Price: $7/month
    • Users: 1
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Plan 2

    • Price: $35/month
    • Users: 5
  • Startup

    • Price: Free
    • Users: 2
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Standalone-Lease

    • Price: $200/year
    • Users: 5
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Standalone-Lease

    • Price: $300/year
    • Users: 10
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Standalone-Lease

    • Price: $600/year
    • Users: 20
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Standalone-Lease

    • Price: $825/year
    • Users: 30
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Standalone-Lease

    • Price: $1,050/year
    • Users: 40
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Standalone-Lease

    • Price: $1,275/year
    • Users: 50
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Standalone-Lease

    • Price: $2,400/year
    • Users: 100
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Standalone-Lease

    • Price: Varies
    • Users: 100+
    • Projects: Unlimited
*Prices updated on June 9, 2011.