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  • Web Version: Yes
  • Download Version: Yes
  • Supported OS: Windows 2000, NT, Server 2003, Server 2008, XP, Vista
  • Free Trial: Yes



IBN is a project management and collaboration software solution designed to manage and coordinate project resources, tasks and deliverables. It helps you manage your projects, share information and increase your efficiency. It also allows you to conveniently and efficiently consolidate all of your work into a single view. IBN supports a wide array of dynamic business industries, setups and usage approaches.


IBN provides an on-demand hosted version, available immediately when you login online, as well as an in-house version which you download onto your server.


IBN is designed for a variety of users, from project teams to large enterprises.


  • Online Project Management - Create and manage online project teams, as well as organize the entire project management process
  • Project Management Collaboration - Collaborate and share information online with team members
  • Project Time Tracking - Tracks time spent on specific projects by team members
  • Web-Based Issue Tracker - Quickly and easily traces project issues and bugs/defects
  • MS Project Import and Export - Converts project data between IBN and Microsoft Project
  • MS Project Synchronization - Utilize both IBN and MS Project tools while working on a project (i.e., plan in MS Project and collaborate in IBN).
  • MS Project Server Alternative - Offers powerful alternative project management tools and fast deployment
  • SharePoint Project Management Alternative - Provides valuable features such as managing documents, risks and issues for your projects


IBN provides an online demo and tour, as well as a 7-day free trial offer. IBN offers two plans; IBN On-Demand (Hosted Solutions) and IBN In-House (Server Installation). The On-Demand version offers several package plans from $49/month to $1900/month depending on number of users. The one you choose will depend on the number of users and the amount of storage space you require. The In-House version runs on your own server and offers several package plans starting at $990. The package you choose will depend on the number of users you require.



Main dashboard of project management portal


Primary view of Gantt chart


Collaboration calendar for project teams

IBN Project Management Prices & Plans

  • Workgroup 5

    • Price: $49/month
    • Users: 5
    • Filesize Limit: 2 GB
  • Workgroup 10

    • Price: $87.22/month
    • Users: 10
    • Filesize Limit: 4 GB
  • Workgroup 20

    • Price: $163.97/month
    • Users: 20
    • Filesize Limit: 6 GB
  • Workgroup 30

    • Price: $231.20/month
    • Users: 30
    • Filesize Limit: 8 GB
  • Workgroup 40

    • Price: $289.77/month
    • Users: 40
    • Filesize Limit: 10 GB
  • Workgroup 50

    • Price: $340.48/month
    • Users: 50
    • Filesize Limit: 12 GB
  • Workgroup 75

    • Price: $454.55/month
    • Users: 75
    • Filesize Limit: 14 GB
  • Workgroup 100

    • Price: $720.09/month
    • Users: 100
    • Filesize Limit: 16 GB
  • Workgroup 250

    • Price: $1,068.14/month
    • Users: 250
    • Filesize Limit: 30 GB
  • Workgroup 500

    • Price: $1,901.29
    • Users: 500
    • Filesize Limit: 40 GB
*Prices updated on June 2, 2011.