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Goplan is a project management software solution designed to help you securely manage your projects and collaborate with your colleagues through an intuitive user interface. The Goplan dashboard provides you with an overview of all activity taking place with your company’s projects. You are able to see what users are working on, what tasks are pending and what objectives are ahead.


Goplan is a web-based software solution and can easily be accessed by logging in online.


Because they offer different plans for different needs, Goplan is designed for individuals and businesses of any size or type.


• Task Management:
Goplan allows you to organize your projects into tasks, sub-tasks and objectives. You can create task lists without having to leave the task list screen. You can also perform time tracking for tasks by the simple click of an icon.

• Tickets and Issue Tracking:
With Goplan, tickets can capture existing or potential project defects. Once detected, these defects can be filtered and prioritized. Tickets are very valuable to the process of managing client requests and their progress. Additionally, tickets can be conveniently created via email by developers and clients.

• Calendar:
Goplan allows you to check your project’s calendars or view what the company-wide agenda holds. Tasks and future objectives are visible in both the agenda and calendar. You can quickly and easily add events to the calendar. You have the ability to subscribe to any Goplan calendar from an external application such as Google or Apple’s iCal.

• File Management:
Goplan allows you to directly upload documents and files, as well as house all of your project’s assets in one secure place. You can update an existing document by simply uploading a new version, and it is saved automatically. Goplan’s file versioning functionality allows you to download and manage previous versions of your documents.


Goplan offers a free 30-day trial. They offer three different plans; Startup ($10/month), Professional ($35/month) and Unlimited ($80/month). The Professional plan is the one recommended for most users. Special offers are available to non-profit organizations.


A user demo on how to utilize Goplan for tasks and time tracking.

Manage people and teams in Goplan.



Main dashboard that provides an overview of all projects.


Full task list editing and ordering by tasks and sub-tasks


Prioritize and filter tickets in the Issue tracking area.

Goplan Prices & Plans

  • Free Plan

    • Price: Free
    • Users: 2
    • Projects: 1
    • Filesize Limit: Limited
  • Startup

    • Price: $10/month
    • Users: 10
    • Projects: 10
    • Filesize Limit: 10 GB
  • Professional

    • Price: $35/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: 40
    • Filesize Limit: 25 GB
  • Unlimited

    • Price: $80/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: Unlimited
    • Filesize Limit: Unlimited
*Prices updated on June 8, 2011.