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  • Web Version: Yes
  • Supported Browsers: IE 8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Free Trial: Yes (28 days)



Glasscubes is a web-based collaboration and project management tool designed to enable you and your business to share, collaborate and communicate effectively. The goal of this software is to help you better organize your daily work with a focus on managing projects, people, information and files. It provides you with a clean and simple interface and is user-friendly. Workspaces are the core of Glasscubes; with them you can set deadlines and assign responsibilities.


Glasscubes is a web-based software application and is accessible by logging in online. It does not require installation or computer maintenance.


Glasscubes is designed to accommodate individuals and businesses of all types and sizes. They offer five different packages, each designed uniquely to accommodate the needs of varying users.


Share - Glasscubes allows you to share files and other documents in a secure workspace with both internal users in your organization and external users.

Collaborate - Glasscubes allows you to manage projects and organize your daily work more efficiently by gaining visibility on all of your company’s important data. You will be able to take control and stay on top of your pending tasks. You will also be able to get a view of upcoming meetings and events, thereby keeping these tasks on your radar.

Communicate - Glasscubes connects quickly and efficiently with people, opening up the lines of communication and saving time. This will increase your productivity, making your business more efficient and successful.

Powerful Search - Glasscubes has a commanding enterprise search tool built on advanced technology, allowing you to search by either the title or content of a document.


Glasscubes offers a free 28-day trial on all of their packages; Basic (Free), Standard (35 euros/month), Professional (90 euros/month) and Max (145 euros/month). The Professional package is recommended for most users, allowing you to get the most for your money. You can upgrade or downgrade your package at any time.


How to manage documents in Glasscubes.

A tutorial on creating cubes (workspaces).





Glasscubes Prices & Plans

  • Basic

    • Price: Free
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: 2
    • Filesize Limit: 40 GB
  • Standard

    • Price: $49/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: 6
    • Filesize Limit: 6 GB
  • Professional

    • Price: $125/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: 20
    • Filesize Limit: 20 GB
  • Max

    • Price: $199/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: Unlimited
    • Filesize Limit: 40 GB
  • Enterprise

    • Price: varies
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: Unlimited
    • Filesize Limit: Unlimited
*Prices updated on June 8, 2011.