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Genius project management software is produced by Genius Inside. The software is designed to assist companies with managing large and small projects. The software may include management tools such as project portfolio management, demand management, planning, project tracking, resource management and risk and change management budget and cost management demand. The software facilitates real time collaboration.


Genius Project Management software is available for a Lotus Notes platform, on-premise platform or a web-based platform. Regardless of whether your company selects to host the software on each computer or a remote server through web based applications, Genius Inside has a solution for your company.

Genius Project for Domino is a 100% Notes based solution. This solution requires no libraries or external executables to launch. Businesses need not be concerned with compatibility with existing information environment or infrastructure.

Who is it Designed to Serve?

The software is designed to facilitate the business operations of midsize and enterprise class companies. Genius Project Management software is available in English, French, German and Spanish languages to serve a wide variety of companies in different countries.

Distinctive Features

Genius Project Management software includes Gantt charts for the planning stages of the project and a Timesheets functionality to track the amount of time spent on the project globally. Other features include portfolio management, team collaboration, invoicing tools, resource management tools, project tracking tools, project demand management and dashboards and reporting. The product is user friendly, reliable and easy to use. Clients may easily import contact information from address books, synchronize calendars, integrate emails and organize task lists easily.

The software is easily deployable. Users may quickly install Genius Project within 15 minutes or less. The software is secure, confidential and preserves data integrity. Encryption technology protects any data hosted on our servers.


To obtain a quote for Genius Project Management, simply complete the inquiry form listed on the website. All support and maintenance fees are included in the subscription fee for web based applications. For Domino applications, an additional 18% is assessed. Genius Project Management offers a 15 day free trial for companies to try the product.

Most companies do not need to invest in hardware, middleware or operating systems to operate this software. Genius Inside will set up the web based application and handle all of the upgrades, backups, support and maintenance. This will ensure that your applications are optimally performing. Since these fees are considered an operating expense, it makes it easier to get the budget approved. With Software as a Service (SaaS), the cost will depend entirely on the number or computers or monthly subscription fees.