Project Management Software
  • Web Version: Yes
  • Download Version: Yes
  • Supported OS: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux



GanttProject is a simple and user-friendly project management software program designed by the GanttProject Team. It is a complete project scheduling and management tool and solution which offers planning, scheduling and tracking of projects. It is compatible with operating systems such as Windows XP and 2000 and provides quality, high-tech visual information at no cost to the user.


Since GanttProject is free to all users, you can simply download it online. It is JAVA and web-based and runs on Windows, MacOSX and Linux. It is GPL-licensed, and its code is covered by several open source licenses. For more information, a full list can be found on the license page of the website.


GanttProject is designed for individuals, as well as businesses of any type or size. It is also ideal for projects of any type or size.


Gantt Chart - Allows you to create, edit and delete tasks, define milestones, draw dependencies and create breakdown structures. It is especially useful for making easy to understand development plans.

Task Control - You can simply use the drag and drop feature to increase a task’s duration over the calendar.

Resources - Allows you to assign human resources to complete particular tasks, as well as view their charted allocations.

PERT Chart - Allows you to generate a PERT chart from a Gantt chart.

Export - Allows you to generate PDF and HTML reports, as well as save charts as PNG images.

Interoperate - Allows you to import projects from, as well as export them to, Microsoft Project formats. You can also export to spreadsheets with CSV.

Collaborate - Allows you to share your projects with your colleagues via WebDAV.


GanttProject is free to all users. You can find FAQ, a tutorial and other helpful resources on their website at