FastTrack Schedule 10

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  • Supported OS: XP, Vista, 7, OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7+
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FastTrack Schedule 10 is a project management software solution designed to plan, track and report projects. It helps you successfully manage your projects, improve group collaboration and achieve your business goals. Its commanding tracking tools and dynamic status reports keep team members in sync, control costs and ensure projects are on schedule.


FastTrack Schedule 10 is available in cross-platform compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. It can be downloaded from the website after entering your purchased license key code.


FastTrack Schedule 10 is ideal for project managers of mid to large-sized companies.


  • Offers three view options - Schedule, Calendar, Resource
  • Add new rows and create sub-outline levels
  • Utilize drag and drop taskbars
  • Assign resources and generate costs
  • View resource allocations
  • Utilize the resource information form:
  • View images
  • Track contact information
  • Track rate information
  • Track base and resource calendars
  • Utilize templates and examples
  • Multiple user interface choices
  • A “What’s New” screen


 FastTrack Schedule 10 allows you to download an unlimited number of free project templates. They also offer video tutorials, webcasts, training classes and trial versions, all at no cost. They offer multiple software versions: FastTrack Schedule 10, FastTrack Schedule 10 JumpStart Course, FastTrack Schedule 10 QuickStart Bundle and FastTrack Schedule 10 - 5 Concurrent-User Version.

Software package licenses, as well as upgrades, can be purchased through the online store on their website. Prices start at $349 and increase depending on the number of users.


The tracking tools available in FastTrack Schedule 10.

The flexibility of effort-driven versus fixed-duration scheduling options.



Monitor time usage and other resource indicators


FastTrack montage


Overview screen provides quick access to major features