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EPM Live is a groupware solutions program. The main focus of the program is to help project managers track their resources from one centralized location. The program is divided into several major components in order to allow users to install as many or as few modules as they need. One of the most notable aspects about EPM Live is that it was designed to work alongside several powerful Microsoft applications such as SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint.


EPM Live comes in a variety of editions and deployment options to meet the needs of any size company. With the software-as-a-service deployment option, EPMLive will host the EPM Live program on their private servers. The two benefits to this type of deployment option are that the program is accessible from any computer, and there is little need for an IT department to administer internal servers. The alternative deployment option is the on-premise solution. This is the more traditional deployment method, where the program needs to be installed on each individual computer in order for users to have access to it.

Who It Is For

Since EPM Live features such a large assortment of tools, it can be effectively used in a wide variety of business applications. Because it comes in multiple editions and deployment options, large and small companies alike will find it useful. Because EPM Live has been designed to interact with Microsoft SharePoint, it will probably provide the most value to companies which already use this software.

Distinctive Features

  • Interface With Microsoft SharePoint And SQL Server - EPM Live was designed with Microsoft SharePoint capabilities, enabling businesses to manage all projects and work with one solution. This technology allows project managers to apply work previously completed in the Microsoft SharePoint environment.
  • Portfolio Optimization - EPM Live ensures that a project manager is able to align business goals with business strategy. The helpful, statistics driven overview will ensure that it is possible to objectively assess multiple projects and view all relevant project factors. Maximize the profitability of every project to the company and modify all aspects of project and work environments.
  • Manage Task Schedules Using Microsoft Project - Ensure that each project has realistic expectations set thanks to integration with Microsoft Project. With Microsoft Project, managers will find it easy to build task schedules of any size or complexity. View each schedule using innovative features like the task driver, which allows managers to quickly identify the source of problems affecting each project. Additionally, the multiple-level undo feature gives managers the ability to experiment with different scenarios. And finally, the visual cell highlighting feature will automatically shade each task affected by a change.
  • Full Text Indexing and Searching - Maximize productivity and minimize irrelevant information by providing team members with the capability to search for project content from a variety of sources. By using hyperlinked search results with customizable security permissions, enable project members to easily access information from within the company.
  • Update Work Status - Keep up-to-date on all the tasks assigned to a project member using a single view. Easily manage multiple selections in the SharePoint-based customizable grid. Project members are then able to change the status of their task in real-time, ensuring that project managers are able to stay as current as possible with all aspects of the project.


Company created video showing an overview of the features.

Company created video showing an overview of SharePoint Project and Work Management features.



EPM Live's Modeler and Target Analytics Tool helps visualize the potential constraints on resources and costs in any given project.


The ability to customize reports is available.


View and analyze cost impacts across multiple projects and portfolios.