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Eclipse PPM

Project Management Software
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Eclipse PPM is easy-to-use, powerful software to help organizations manage projects effectively. Eclipse PPM software is web-based, and helps you see, manage, and measure the entire system of project delivery. It simplifies the selection and execution of multiple projects over the same resources, and improves communication and project delivery. Eclipse PPM is powered by Solution Q, a company providing Project Portfolio Management software and consulting services to companies all across the USA and Canada. Current Eclipse PPM clients are in the healthcare, education, legal, finance, public sector, not for profit, and retail sectors.

User Interface

Eclipse PPM brings together all projects and project information in one location, with a simple to use interface. A single dashboard provides personalized views that can be saved, and the drag and drop columns make it easy to create charts, graphs, and filter and sort projects. Eclipse PPM has an intuitive project management interface, which makes it easy to plan both simple projects as well as very complex ones.

Who Uses It?

Executives and Portfolio Managers

Executive Managers and Portfolio Managers are able to all see real time portfolio, project, and resource information at their fingertips. The ‘Portfolio Summary Dashboard’ can show them a snap shot of all projects, which include the planned effort vs. actual, the project’s progress, the financial status, and other project data. There’s also a scorecard view, which shows more detailed information like risks, issues, and status updates.

Resource Managers and Project Managers

The ‘Resource Management Dashboard’ allows users to view the current workload of all resources by the department, role, portfolio, or project. This dashboard gives Resource Managers a clear picture of resource loading against projects and operational work. The Financials section enables users to understand the impact of adding a new project, based on budget and expected benefits. Users can prioritize and select the projects that best fit within their financial boundaries.

Project Resources

One of the functions of Eclipse PPM is to act as a tool that quickly and simply tracks time and tasks. The ‘My Eclipse Portal’ shows a real-time list of all projects, tasks, issues, and risks that are relevant to each Project Resource, while the ‘My Timesheet’ shows all projects assigned to the Project Resources in a single portal.


Please contact the company directly by either phone (+1 416 385 0774) or online ( ) to obtain a quote. Interested clients will have the opportunity to be shown comprehensive demonstrations of Eclipse PPM. Pricing varies based on the final solution and the size of the organization.


My eclipse