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Dolibarr is a free, open-source program, created by a team of developers supported by the Dolibarr Foundation. Currently it is mainly used in Europe, especially in France, but an English-language version exists and is available for users in the United States. The first version was released in 2003, and since then the project has been regularly upgraded, with more additions planned for the future.

Dolibarr's most distinctive feature is its highly modular nature, which allows users to choose which parts of the entire Dolibarr package they wish to install. For that reason, Dolibarr claims that it can be used for either ERP (enterprise resource planning) or CRM (customer relationship management), or both, depending on what the user wishes to do with the program. In spite of the wide range of functions that Dolibarr can perform, its makers stress the simplicity of its design and interface.

Some of the many modules that make up Dolibarr include directories for customers, suppliers and prospects; an invoice manager; a program for organizing payment and shipping; and data export tools. There are also a number of available add-ons for sale at


Dolibarr is available as a free download from the company's website. Auto-installing versions are available for the Windows, Macintosh, and Ubuntu/Debian operating systems. Certain other programs are required for Dolibarr to work; these are all included in the download and will install prior to the installation of Dolibarr itself. There is also a manual-installation version of the program for other operating systems, or for those who do not wish to perform an automatic installation.

Who Would Be Interested in Dolibarr?

Dolibarr is explicitly targeted toward "small and medium companies, freelancers or foundations." Because it is free and highly customizable, it is designed to be well-suited for smaller endeavors. A larger company with more resources would be less likely to benefit from Dolibarr's service, compared to those of other programs that require a fee.

An online demo is available for potential users, so that they can determine if Dolibarr is right for their organization's needs. Visitors can try out one of four different versions of the demo, each designed for a specific kind of organization or purpose.

Distinctive Features

  • An auto-installer makes it easy to install the program, even for those with little or no technical skill with computer programs.
  • The modular nature of Dolibarr lets users choose which aspects of the entire suite they want and which ones they do not need.
  • Every feature includes several permissions levels, allowing different individuals and groups different levels of access to important documents and data.
  • Menu managers also allow different users to interact with the program differently, according to their needs.
  • Online forum allows users from different organizations to share their experiences, ask one another questions, or share advice on how best to use Dolibarr, as well as leave feedback and suggestions to the developers.
  • Multiple skins allow for visual customization.



The main page view


A screenshot of the Financial Menu view


Dolibarr's built in pdf invoicing system