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  • Web Version: Yes
  • Supported Browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Other Supported Devices: iPhone, Blackberry
  • Free Trial: Yes (30 days)



Online project management is a crucial part of your daily business operations that can be utilized to help your company grow and succeed. DeskAway is an online subscription-based on-demand program that can give your business the ability to effectively manage projects of all sizes via the Internet by using a PC, Mac, or mobile phone.

The DeskAway online project management software allows project managers and business owners to collaborate, manage tasks, track milestones, and share files easily in one central location via a user-friendly interface. DeskAway grows with your business. It can be very basic or very advanced, depending on which project management tools the business will need. Many clients have said that DeskAway's reporting features are far better than its competition.

A free version that allows one project with up to three team members can be evaluated for an unlimited amount of time


of DeskAway DeskAway Project Management software is a completely web-based program and there are no downloads or installations needed to use this program. DeskAway is easily accessible on IE 6 or 7 (PC), Mozilla/ Firefox 2 or higher (Mac, PC, or Linux), Safari 2 or higher (Mac).

The web application allows you to:

  • Track Project Activity – Track all projects, bills, invoices, orders, repairs and more!
  • Assign Projects and Tasks – Easily delegate projects and tasks to your employees.
  • Track Project Status – View the status of any project at any time, via the web!
  • View and Edit Project Status – Add comments to each project, find out who the project is assigned to, who it was assigned by, what the priority level is, how much time is remaining on the deadline and how much time was spent on the project.
  • Create Recurring Tasks – Automatically create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks.
  • Share Calendar and Contacts – Share your address book and calendar with other members of the project.
  • Send Messages – Use DeskAway to communicate with project members, post news, and discuss ideas and plans.
  • Update Your Current Status – Let your project members know your current status, i.e “I’m on vacation” or “Will return to the office at 2pm on Monday”.
  • Export Reports - Export time sheets and other types of reports to a spreadsheet.
  • Easy Data Transfer - Import data from Basecamp into Deskaway or export your DeskAway data into a .zip file. You can also access the DeskAway website with an iPhone Blackberry, Android and other types of smartphones. Although there aren’t as many DeskAway features on a mobile phone as there are on a computer, all of the most important features are accessible by phone. The mobile web application allows you to:

Who Is DeskAway For?

DeskAway works really well for team-based projects in small to medium businesses and organizations such as consulting companies, publishing companies, website developers, marketing firms, software development companies and non-profit organizations. Its interface is appropriate for groups that need the ability to collaborate on larger projects.

The learning curve for any project management tool is a big concern for the client. DeskAway appeals to clients because its user-friendly web interface is completely intuitive. It has easy-to-find resources which assist users in figuring out the next step. It also has demo videos and explanations on the right side of the page.

Distinctive Features

A feature that goes far beyond what is expected is the import/export option. DeskAway allows users to import data from other project management tools such as Basecamp. A full backup of all project data can be exported at any time, and the information will be saved as a .zip file that can be imported into other programs.

DeskAway also has features for planning document management, event planning, invoicing, marketing projects, software development and creating newsletters. DeskAway offers 256-bit SSL encryption with paid monthly subscription plans. This high grade security makes it almost impossible for information to be stolen over the internet.


DeskAway overview

Managing documents in DeskAway



The dashboard shows a birds-eye view of all project activities.


The Milestones view allows management and tracking of all project goals and deadlines.


Deskaway's Time Tracker feature

Desk Away Prices & Plans

  • Free Account

    • Price: Free
    • Users: 3
    • Projects: 1
    • Filesize Limit: 25 MB
  • Professional

    • Price: $25/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: 35
    • Filesize Limit: 2 GB
  • Plus

    • Price: $49/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: 100
    • Filesize Limit: 10 GB
  • Power

    • Price: $99/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: Unlimited
    • Filesize Limit: 25 GB
*Prices updated on June 8, 2011.