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Daptiv is an on-demand project portfolio management (PPM) solution. It operates as a collaborative business software application which allows companies to convert their mid-office operations and processes. Daptiv provides a flexible and efficient environment with collaboration between users through forums and issue sections. Daptiv’s dashboard is entirely customizable and simple to use. The main focus of Daptiv is to create and maintain solid communication between managers, team members and clients. It streamlines employees’ daily interface and collaboration while simplifying the processes of:

  • Project management
  • Demand management
  • Document management
  • Portfolio planning
  • Resource planning
  • Resource tracking and allocation


Daptiv is an on-demand web-based software application which can be accessed by simply logging in online.


Daptiv is designed primarily for small to medium size businesses but can be utilized by companies of all sizes.


Manage Demand:

  • Manage project requests
  • Prioritize and score projects
  • Create dashboards and portfolio views

Manage Resources:

  • Plan, allocate and schedule resources
  • Create and view project schedules (in Gantt, Outline or List)
  • Create project capacity plans to allocate resources

Execute Efficiently:

  • Manage and execute projects from one central and secure location
  • Monitor project health using color-coded indicators
  • Automate processes and tasks to increase effectiveness

Create Updated Business Applications:

  • Replace potentially problematic spreadsheets with record system applications
  • Publish web forms and collect data from users not using Daptiv PPM
  • Turn your customized data into intelligence

Monitor Performance:

  • Track, manage and compare projects from one central and secure location
  • View project status and monitor risks, progress and results
  • Develop business decisions based on the progress of projects

Create Team Collaboration:

  • Employees can configure their own reports, views and alerts
  • Team members can collaborate across departments and projects
  • Synchronize with popular desktop tools such as Outlook and MS Project


You can view a demo, take a tour or view a webinar series online at the Daptiv website.  Daptiv does not publish pricing information online.



Product portfolio dashboard


Overview of projects and tasks


Prioritized project requests