Contactizer Pro

Project Management Software
  • Download Version: Yes
  • Supported OS: Mac OS X
  • Other Supported Devices: iPhone



Contactizer Pro is a project management software designed for managing, organizing and sharing your business and personal activities. You can optimize the management of your daily business projects, as it is geared to make your business management experiences enjoyable, efficient and productive. You can collect, organize and access your activities in one single view. Your tasks, emails and meetings will be conveniently linked for you. Contactizer Pro joins intuitive interface with innovative features to create a package built specifically for Mac OS X. Everything that is registered on a Mac can be automatically linked to your contacts.


Contactizer Pro is a software application which you download onto your Mac computer.


Contactizer Pro is designed for individuals and businesses of all types and sizes.


Begins Projects Quickly and Easily - Contactizer Pro provides you with full control over your projects, as well as the ability to create your own processes, linking all of your resources together.

Centralized Contact Information - Contactizer Pro centralizes and groups all of your contacts, allowing you to see the big picture. Contacts can be organized into a limitless number of groups. All actions in Contactizer Pro can be linked to a contact, giving you the ability to easily track your interactions. This includes events, tasks, communications and more.

Maximize Your Time - With Contactizer Pro you can maximize your time by managing appointments, meetings and attendees by using invitations. You can quickly and easily send invitations to calendar users through Outlook, Google, iCal and Entourage. You can see your appointments at a glance in a daily, weekly or monthly view. You can also browse for and sort your events, ensuring that you never miss an important appointment.

Share Information - Contactizer Pro allows you to share contact and project information in a collaborative setting. It offers you the flexibility and convenience of sharing in real-time. Each person can share their schedule with others with just the click of a button, and updates are quickly received by other users.


Contactizer Pro offers a free 30-day trial. There are two packages available; Contactizer Pro ($119) and Contactizer Express ($59.90). Both offer pricing according to the amount of licenses you require. Contactizer offers the convenience of purchasing through their embedded Store. It will guide you to the appropriate purchasing options, based on your existing licensing status.



Import and edit tasks


Project overview screen


Calendar view of tasks and projects