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Codendi is an open source software title from Xerox, which focuses mainly on application lifecycle management. While other groupware titles are open ended and adaptable to a variety of purposes, Codendi was designed with a very specific focus in mind: to aid project mangers working on software development programs.

While other groupware solutions offer general modules such as calendar and team meeting tools, Codendi offers software development focused tools such as a bug report service and even privately hosted Wiki for each project. All these services work together to ensure that Codendi puts a wealth of information at team members' disposal.


Because Codendi is written in an open source format, it can easily be installed on a variety of computer operating systems, Codendi can run on any machine running Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. Codendi currently does not support remote login via web browser or mobile phone. A trial version is available from Codendi's official website,

Who it is for

As previously stated, Codendi is definitely not a general purpose groupware solution. Codendi was designed with a clear purpose, which is to facilitate organization, development, communication, and knowledge among team members working on a software development project. While there are a lot of things Codendi doesn't do, what it does do, it does extremely well.

Distinctive Features

  • Perhaps Codendi's most impressive feature is the fact that it's open-source. This means that anyone with enough tech savvy can make modifications, plugins, and widgets to extend the program's usability well beyond what its normal capabilities. There are already a host of 3rd party plugins available for Codendi online, which add an array of commonly requested features to the already powerful program. Additionally, the open-source nature of the program ensures that Codendi will run on a variety of operating systems to fit the needs of any development firm.
  • One of the most interesting ways Codendi sets itself apart from other groupware titles is its built in support for bug tracking. Not only can team members report bugs and have the data instantly shared with other team members, but each bug is categorized and displayed in an easy to read graph format so that information can be communicated at a glance.
  • Another unique feature of Codendi is customizable dashboards, which lets the project manager configure what information each team member is receiving, so they are not overloaded with non relevant information. These layouts can be customized in a variety of stock formats, or configured into a user defined setup. Information such as build history, tracking information, and relevant documents can all be displayed on this screen.
  • The project wiki is another way that Codendi greatly facilitates information sharing between team members, as it sets up an separate internal wiki for each project under development. For those unfamiliar with what a wiki is, it's sort of an online encyclopedia where anyone is able to create and edit articles. Wikis are incredibly efficient tools for disseminating useful information between team members. The main reason for this is that information does not need to be sent through a central administrator and then resent to all relevant parties, instead it is just broadcast by the person sharing the information, to all parties interested in the information.
  • Simply put, Codendi is



Each team member has a personal dashboard


Gantt charts provide real time task progress.


Customizable charts and reports are easy to generate.

Codendi Prices & Plans

  • Hosted

    • Price: €6,700/year
    • Users: 25
  • Community

    • Price: Free
    • Users: 25
  • ProEdition

    • Price: €1,750/year
    • Users: 25
  • Proservices

    • Price: €6,100/year
    • Users: 25
*Prices updated on June 8, 2011.