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ClientSpot is a web-based online project management and time tracking service designed for the collaboration of projects. ClientSpot integrates all of the aspects of your client and team collaborations. This encompasses project, task and database management to time tracking, file sharing, calendaring and emailing. It makes virtual work easier to manage, particularly for remote teams.


ClientSpot is easy to access. It is a web-based software program, allowing you to simply login online and utilize it.


ClientSpot is designed primarily for small businesses including freelancers, consultants, web designers, agencies and virtual professionals.


Track Tasks and Time - ClientSpot helps manage budgets across multiple projects. It allows for the creation of time reports, as well as the exporting of information to accounting software for invoicing.

Share Files and Calendars - ClientSpot helps upload files and create online documents. It also maintains a shared calendar of deadlines on projects and tasks.

Find Everything Quickly - ClientSpot helps search projects for tasks, files and comments. It allows quick access to project information as needed.

Collaborate on Projects - ClientSpot helps to determine what others are working on and when it is due. It also allows for the sharing of information securely with both your team and clients.

Track Conversations - ClientSpot helps to create additional comments or reply to them directly into a project. It also allows for the reply to comments via email. It conveniently maintains all of the information in one place.

Manage Client Data - ClientSpot helps to create custom lists of company or client data such as contracts and sales leads. It also allows for the utilization of templates and the importing of information from spreadsheets.


A free 30-day trial is offered to potential buyers. After 30 days, you can upgrade to a paid subscription and begin the billing process for the first month of service. ClientSpot offers five different plans; Basic, Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum. As you begin to regularly utilize the software and find that the number of users or your project needs change, you have the option to upgrade to a more advanced plan. ClientSpot is a month-to-month service, so no long-term commitment is required.



Communicate with project members in the software


Overview with calendar, comments, and tasks


Summary of tasks and current status

ClientSpot Prices & Plans

  • Basic

    • Price: $15/month
    • Users: 10
    • Projects: 10
    • Filesize Limit: 500 MB
  • Standard

    • Price: $29/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: 25
    • Filesize Limit: 2 GB
  • Silver

    • Price: $49/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: 75
    • Filesize Limit: 5 GB
  • Gold

    • Price: $99/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: 200
    • Filesize Limit: 10 GB
  • Platinum

    • Price: $149/month
    • Users: Unlimited
    • Projects: Unlimited
    • Filesize Limit: 20 GB
*Prices updated on June 2, 2011.