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While there are many project management software suites available on the market for everybody from solo entrepreneurs to Enterprise-level business professionals, few offer as comprehensive a package as Clarizen. Much like Google Docs and other online collaboration and work management tools, Clarizen allows for efficient and intelligent work flow for individuals and groups in a co-operative manner.

Employing an E-mail style layout to allow users to quickly navigate the interface, and a unique Roadmap feature for breaking down tasks and staying on track, it includes many features that are well suited to large-scale project management.

The Technology

A web-based program operating on a Cloud Computing infrastructure, Clarizen runs on remote servers accessed via the Internet. Rather than downloading bulky software to local machines, workers can simply log in to their online accounts to access resources. Clarizen offers tools for time tracking, invoicing, file editing and sharing, and much more.

he most distinctive feature of the service is its integrated, big-picture approach to task completion, known as the Roadmap. The Roadmap allows groups to break down projects into smaller chunks and monitor their progress as milestones are achieved. In everyday usage, Clarizen is similar to the Microsoft Outlook software. It’s also fully compatible with Microsoft Project, so that older projects can be seamlessly integrated into the new system.

Who It’s Designed For

As difficult as it can be to design a product that is all things to all people, Clarizen’s project management platform performs admirably and can be scaled up to a high level, making it suitable for both small and large companies. Due in part to the modular nature of the software, it’s relatively easy to pick and choose which services you’d like to integrate and leave behind those that you don’t. The individual features that you choose to take advantage of don’t affect the overall price, as it’s based on a per-user fee with discounts for volume licenses.

Clarizen is fairly user-friendly for managers as well, featuring a number of E-mail notification options to keep project leaders apprised of whether or not they’re on track to meet deadlines.

Price and Summary

Available on a free, 30 day trial basis, Clarizen allows businesses the opportunity to test drive the service to see if it will integrate well with their employees and their current management hierarchy. If it makes sense to choose Clarizen for your project management needs, it can be had for as low as $24.95 per month for each user.

One of the few downsides to using Clarizen is that the sheer number of utilities may be daunting to new users. Fortunately, it has a fairly shallow learning curve that shouldn’t slow down adoption on a large scale. For those who do need a comprehensive, full-featured project management platform, Clarizen may well fit the bill.


An overview of Clarizen.

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Add resources to a project


Project overview window to track changes


View roadmaps that show milestones

Clarizen Prices & Plans

  • Professional

    • Price: $24.95/month
    • Users: 1
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Enterprise

    • Price: $39.95/month
    • Users: 1
    • Projects: Unlimited
  • Unlimited

    • Price: $44.95
    • Users: 1
    • Projects: Unlimited
*Prices updated on February 20, 2012.