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Action Item Manager is a user-friendly project management tool. The software is a web-based application that is used to track action items. An action item for a project is a task that needs completed to further the project. Many meetings end with a list of action items to be performed before the next meeting. This software enables users to easily keep track of all action items and monitor the progression of the project.

Action Item Manager is used by managers and employees. Employees see tasks assigned to them that they need to complete. Managers can access employee tasks to monitor their progress and generate reports.


Key features in version 6 of Action Item Manager:

  • interactive Gantt chart revised by dragging and dropping tasks
  • file sharing that allows users to collaborate on one document rather than emailing multiple versions back and forth
  • time reports
  • expense reports

Softalot offers free email support and free updates. Discounted upgrades are offered to existing customers. If the software was purchased within 60 days of an upgrade to a new version, the upgrade is free. Updates include bug fixes and minor changes; whereas upgrades include bug fixes and major changes in functionality.


The latest version, version 6, requires the purchase of IBM ILOG Elixir which is $999.00 for the standard developer edition. An enterprise license for Action Item Manager Version 6 is also $999.00 and includes one single server license and unlimited user licenses. There is a SOHO edition for $249 that includes one server license and five user licenses. And there is also a 10-user license that includes one single server and up to 10 user licenses for $499.00.



Action Item Manager - Gantt chart with a summary of tasks.


Action Item Manager - Overview screen shows important info about the project.


Action Item Manager - Weekly deadlines and item details.