What is a Project Management Simulator?

For those seeking a better grasp of project management, there are a number of products available that allow the user to create and manage a mock project. By doing so, potential project managers will learn how to do their jobs with a minimum of risk to the company.

Because project management is such an important and complicated task, these simulators can prove very useful to those just beginning to explore the field, or to anybody looking to improve his or her management skills in various areas. Businesses might wish to provide a simulator as a training tool for those being prepared to manage future projects. Training programs which incorporate simulators provide a good hands-on experience which allows the trainees to apply the things they have learned.

Examples of Project Management Simulator Features

Some common features of Project Management Simulators include:

  • The manager of the simulated project must first create a plan for the project, including clearly defined goals and a timetable.
  • A simulator might include an exercise on estimating the cost of a project, allowing users to hone their abilities in this critical but sometimes arcane task.
  • The user will learn how to create a plan that best distributes limited resources to all of the various tasks in the project.
  • The program may present typical situations that occur during the course of a project that require the project manager to make a decision.

The user is able see the consequences of all the decisions he or she makes while the simulated project is under way. This is an excellent way to prepare for managing a real project. Most of us learn best when we are allowed to experiment and make mistakes. This way, an aspiring manager can make as many mistakes as necessary without causing any harm to the business. When the time comes to manage a real project, there will be fewer surprises, and the manager will be more prepared to handle whatever comes his or her way.

Types of Project Management Simulators

A number of simulators are available as software programs. These all have their own unique features, and those on the market for a simulator program should compare the various options and decide which is best suited for their purposes.

On the less high-tech side, there are also project management board games available for groups of people to play.